Friday 13th November the world watched in dismay and horror at the events unfolding in Paris. Within a very short space of time reports were coming in of simultaneous attacks on innocent people in venues as varied as a concert hall, restaurant, pizzeria and bars. By the end of the attacks 129 people were dead, 99 critically injured and more than a 100 others suffered injuries of varying degrees.

The world’s response was anger, condemnation of the attackers and unqualified support for France. Around the world leaders spoke out against the atrocity and famous landmarks were lit up in the colours of the French flag. Even Facebook provided the facility for people to change their pictures to the French flag and Google carried a black ribbon for a few days. All measures France wants to take to combat the terrorism seem to have the backing of the world because France has a right to protect and defend her people using whatever means are necessary.

While fully understanding the world’s reaction to the Paris attacks, it does bring sharply to the light the difference between reaction to these attacks and those endured by Israel over many years. Where has the world’s reaction to the countless numbers of innocent Israelis severely injured or butchered in homicide attacks, stabbings, missile/rocket attacks, car rammings etc been?

Two weeks ago a poster was produced stating that, since Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year), September 14th, Israel has been hit by 778 terrorist attacks. More attacks have occurred in the 2 weeks since that poster was published,- I was talking with a friend on the phone earlier today and the siren warning of an attack sounded on his phone,- this time it was not a rocket but bullets fired from Gaza that set off the siren but the fear of the folk in the area was just the same.

In the wake of all of these attacks, deaths and injuries where has been the world’s condemnation of the perpetrators? Where has been the support for Israel taking whatever measures deemed necessary to protect her people? Why have the world’s leaders not spoken out in support of Israel?

What has happened during this time? Oh, yes,- the EU has called for labelling of goods from what the world calls the occupied territories! Never mind that Palestinians working on the farms and in the industries in those areas will lose their jobs and livelihoods if the sale of goods falls, at least the EU will be seen to be being strong against evil Israel!! Putin has called for Hamas and Hezbollah to be removed from the terrorist list,- in a week where we have been informed that Hezbollah has 150000 missiles pointed towards Israel and Hamas continually calls for attacks against Israel.

Should we be surprised at the total disparity between the world’s response to the Paris attacks and those in Israel? Very sadly, no we shouldn’t. History shows us that the world has always been against Israel (the people) hence the pogroms and the holocaust. As we approach the Lord’s coming we can only expect, but deplore, this attitude to harden. But remember- Christians are next in line!