We commit to:

  • Praying for Israel, land and people- including praying for safety, justice and fairness for ALL, Jew and Gentile, who live in the land and for wisdom for the members of the Knesset as they make their policies
  • Studying the Scriptures
  • Finding out from many sources the whole picture of what is happening in Israel so that we can pass on the facts to those whose view is based solely on biased media coverage, and so correct mistaken beliefs
  • Blessing Israel however possible including buying goods and produce from Israel and resisting all calls for boycotts
  • Supporting Israel’s defence of its people and their right to live without the threat of missile attacks, homicide bombings etc.
  • Standing against libellous attacks against Israel
  • Fully supporting Israel’s right to the land given them by God
  • Encouraging the Church to have a real understanding of its Jewish roots