MFI was delighted to host Chuck Cohen from 20th April – 3rd May and wish to thank him, publicly, for so readily agreeing to undertake an arduous tour.

During this time we travelled from Jersey in the south to Cumbria in the north. In all of the meetings we were well received (only in one location did a couple verbally attack us, with the man shaking with rage) and Chuck’s teaching was much appreciated.

Feedback, so far, from some of the organizers of the meetings, has been very positive.  In one area the number of folk attending the regular Pray for Israel meeting has doubled.

Did all Methodist churches/circuits advertise their local meetings?  I’m not sure. In some areas there were very few Methodists,- they may, of course, having been informed of the meetings, chosen not to attend!!   I do hope that, whatever the view of the church leadership, the people in the pew were offered the opportunity to hear Biblical teaching re Israel, the Church and Prophecy in order to make their own minds up about God’s relationship with His people.

We look forward to future ministry tours and speaking engagements.